For sale in MA. Pre-ban AR-15 mags, all USGI, all used in serviceable condition unless otherwise noted.

20-rounds mags: These are from the 70's. Adventure Line and Parsons. Original metal followers. 20-rounders: $25/ea or 10/$200

30-round mags: Mixed manufacturer, all USGI. All checked inside and out to make sure they're pre-ban. No date stamp. Most have original black followers.
30-rounders: $30/ea, or 10/$250
30-rounders with internal 2-digit date stamp: add $5/ea
30-rounders with external mm/yy date stamp: add $10/ea

Israeli Orlite 30-round mags. Great shape, all preban. 4/$100

FTF in Hudson/Bolton or Auburn, MA.
Or shipped w/ tracking for $6 (any qty). Can provide my Ebay name for feedback checking. Add 3.5% for Paypal or CC.
I will not ship mags to NY due to the SAFE act. Sorry, guys.
I can ship disassembled "parts kits" if your state requires that.