Ok everyone, been on a quest and decided to post on this great website. Have raised the amount I will pay to attain a like said rifle. I will be going to the gunshow this weekend to buy one if I dont get an offer. Have had several interested sellers…but had missing pieces. So in order to make things easier I have lowered my expectations.

I will now also consider just a standard bolt action that is tube fed or magazine fed with iron sights, but would prefer it to be a older wood stock style. Condition of the stock is not super important.

What I am really looking for is very unique and so far all I have had is zero luck thus why the broadend scope. I am in the market for a .22 long or .22 WMR rifle bolt action that has a peep sight or was used as a training rifle. I went down to gallensons and saw a few, but all were missing pieces. I would prefer one that is all together and in shooting condition. I would love this to be my target shooter and something I could use for many many decades to come.

The last one I saw was an old mossberg and sons and it was 75$ and I am still kicking myself on not buying it. I feel my price range is fair, and there are alot of them on arms list.com…I just cant drive to washington to get them. Lets keep this local, and easy for a old guy. I really prefer either tube fed or magazine, but single shots can be looked at.

Please if you have something that fits this bill help me out and shoot me a call or text. I only have so much cash, but would love to get a ton of rabbit hunting done this summer.

Russian guns, american guns, romanion guns, all models considered. Again magazine or tube fed prefered.

Text, Call, Or Email questions or offers. Would love to hear from you!

801 879 two zero nine four