Ultra rare Scrubbed/ Sanitized KGB Mosin Nagant 1891/59 Serial 1xxx, all matching numbers, 100% metal finish, excellent stock, perfect bore.

A small number of Mosin Nagants were converted during the cold war to keep in reserve for back-up use should rifles be needed to hand out to the general public. They were then re-designated as 1891/59. When the barrels were shortened to 20", the rear sight had the markings beyond 1000 meters ground off. The Shortening of the barrels resulted in these being the heaviest barrel Mosin Nagants ever produced, which is partially responsible for their exceptional accuracy. It's also the only Russian Mosin Nagant that is not the traditional red Mosin Nagant color. After the stocks were cut down, they were stripped and left in the white. Most of them bear a characteristic yellowish, refinished look. A smaller number were commissioned by the KGB to be scrubbed (all identifying markings and numbers were ground off, and all parts were given new serial numbers) to hand out to Soviet sponsored insurgents. Only a small handful of 1891/59 carbines have turned up in this country, and far fewer scrubbed ones. All the bolts and triggers were re-worked to have exceptionally smooth actions and spectacular triggers. They are considered without exception to be among the absolute most accurate and best shooting Mosin Nagants ever produced by Russia. Production was stopped after only a small number were produced, most likely because of the huge number of SKS rifles then in reserve due to acceptance of the AK-47 as the Soviet main battle rifle. There have been reliable reports of 91/59 rifles being used by insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan. This 1891/59 is in amazing 100% metal finish, and excellent stock condition. All numbers match and has a perfect bore.     $850 or best offer.                     Tags m91/59 91/59 m-91/59