I have a Century Arms Manufactured M1 Garand for sale. This is NOT a historical rifle, it did not serve in WWII or Korea. It is a 1990s/2000s new production Garand. This is an excellent shooter. It’s accurate and reliable. If you are looking for a Garand but also want to be able to shoot it as often as you want without worrying about wearing out a piece of history, then this is the rifle for you. It’s in excellent condition and the newer barrel makes it more accurate than both of my WWII Garands.

*The accuracy combined with the 30-06 makes this an excellent semi automatic for hunting if you get the 5 round limited enbloc clips*

Comes with 3-5 enbloc clips, a basic sling and a bandolier. Case is not included. Asking $700 OBO. I’m open to partial or full trades.

No other trades other than what I have listed please.