For sale is an East India Trading Co. 1818 dated transitional “Brown Bess” flintlock. This example is known as the "common musket" used by the majority of line troops. Other variants were produced, for example, Light Infantry Muskets from around 1810 with either the standard barrel length 39"or with a barrel length of 30-32" in the case of the "Short Light Infantry Musket". 

The muskets listed below are of "Windus" and "Baker" pattern and these formed the armament of the EIC line infantry from 1771 until the 1850s in some cases, even though the production of flintlocks ceased in 1839. The following three patterns were produced during this time:
The Windus Pattern musket was produced between 1771 and 1818 with some minor changes in markings and appearance. The early ones tend to be far more slender.
The Transitional Pattern musket was produced in 1819 only.
The Baker Pattern musket was produced from 1819 until 1839.

This is the final version of the Brown Bess Musket the East India Company introduced that later transitioned into the percussion system in 1839. This musket is dated in the last year of the "Windus" system, in place since 1771. In 1819, the new "Baker" system was fully adopted. The Baker system simplified many elements of the standard musket in that the butt was not cut as a bannister rail, the apron of wood behind the barrel tang was omitted, the brass furniture was greatly reduced in size, particularly the overall length of the trigger guard. The lock still retains the E.I.C. Rampant Lion logo but does not have a border engraving and is of the earlier swan-neck Windus pattern. The walnut stock is also of the Windus pattern with classic bannister rail butt and apron around the barrel tang. This is truly a transitional piece only made in 1819 with parts from older and current production (current being 1819!). IMA had 1 of these in 55,000 muskets! It sold for $2,550.00 a few years ago. I am asking almost half of that. This would be a great centerpiece for a British Empire collection, and could be called the Kalashnikov AK-47 of its day. Besides being Britain’s main infantry weapon in the Napoleonic Wars and the expansion of its Indian empire, this musket saw use on every continent: in Canada and the US in the War of 1812, at the Alamo and San Jacinto in Texas, in the South American wars of liberation, in the Carlit Wars in Spain, in the Swedish army, in southern Africa, in south east Asia, in the Opium Wars in China, and in the colonization of Australasia. ANTIQUE/ NO FFL REQUIRED BUT I WILL REQUIRE A COPY OF YOUR ID TO SHOW YOU ARE 18 OR OVER.

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