Got a Taurus 24/7 OSS DS Tactical .40 cal pistol for sale. Comes with the original hard case box which includes three brand new 15 round mags, cleaning gear, etc. Also comes with 8 extra 15 round mags ($34 each minimum online - $240 bucks if ya do the math) 100 rounds of .40 FMJ ammo ($30 bucks here), and a leather Tagua holster ($50 here) and it's all in great condition.

This is a great duty gun, competition gun, or home defense gun. You name it! With 15 rounds of .40 cal at your disposal, you have a lot of firepower in a REALLY reliable, REALLY accurate package.

YOU COULD BREAK THIS PACKAGE UP and RE-SELL IT .. for a GOOD profit! I simply want to move in another direction, so this is priced to sell quick!

P.S. Don't listen to any hype about Taurus not making a good gun. If you think these guns are not any good, you've been living under a rock for the last 10 years. Consecutive gun of the year awards prove the critics wrong!