Inv. 6999
Mosin 91/30 Sniper, Cal. .7.62 x 54R  Sniper Ser.4413031Izhevsk Mfg, Dated 1944, What a find, an all original Russian Mosin Sniper. The condition is outstanding for a "Gates of Stalingrad" survivor.

The gun retains about 90-95% of the original blue. The loss is due primarily to sharp edge silvering. There are no rust spots, pin pricks or even significant rub marks. The stock and forearms have about 85-90% 0f the original lacquer. They have numerous small nicks and dings as would be expected. However there are no missing chips or splits. The mount and the "PU" scope are original.The scope is marked Hammer and Sickle, 91/36 No.6-5957.

The scope is clear and the reticle is intact. The mount is in fine condition and not numbered. All parts are original sniper but do no have matching serials. The bore is really very nice, quite bright with well defined rifling and a bit light scattered frost. It comes with the original leather thong attaching canvas sling and a original cleaning kit. There are no import marks.

This is a 100% correct beauty for your collection and a X ring blaster at the range.........Shipped..... $1695.