I have a nickel Llama Micromax .380 for sale or trade. I put this little kit together over the last 10yrs. This is not something you see everyday. This Llama is the blowback version, copy of a 1911. It comes with it's factory box, Bianchi paddle holster, 2 factory .380 mags, 2 aftermarket .32acp mags, one .32NAA converted barrel, one .32acp barrel with threaded adapter (1/2x28 and thread protector), upgraded 16lb Wolff recoil spring with custom retaining plug (originals included), and 4 aftermarket .380 15rnd stick mags. This is a very fun set up. It shoots great with my 9mm can and the .32acp threaded barrel. Very quiet (especially with 85gr XTP loaded up). Only reason I am even thinking about selling is I have built the same set up with a Beretta 84 and Walther PK380 and just do not use this one that much. I just want to make some room for other projects that have been on the backburners. Not looking at shipping unless it is for a trade deal at this time. Things I am looking for in trade are an EAA Match 10mm with accessories, 16" .300blkout bbl or upper, Fail Zero bolt carrier assy and charging handle, Smith & Wesson Governor or 60 Pro or Night Guard in .357mag, CTC rubber overmold lasergrips for Ruger SP101, CZ 75 P-07 Duty .40, Glock 36, or FTF cash transaction in WI. I want to get $750 for everything. Let me know what you have and lets see what we can work out.