The Winchester Model 52 : Perfection in Design by Herbert
G. Houze (2005, Paperback) $175

Gun Digest Books, 2005. Soft cover. Condition: New. 1st Edition. "First Paperback Edition 2005" stated on back of title page. Copyright 1997. A new book in mint condition. Never read. Tight, clean, unmarked.

Historical arms enthusiast Herbert Houze unravels the mysteries surrounding the development of what many consider to be the most perfect rifle ever made. The book covers the rifle's improvements through five modifications. Users, collectors and marksmen will appreciate each variation's history, serial number sequences, and authentic photos."

Despite the acclaim the "king of the .22 Caliber rifles" has received, the history of its developments and distinct modifications has remained a mystery-until now. In The Winchester Model 52: Perfection in Design, Herbert G. Houze presents you with a thorough historical look at the model from its inception to the end of its production in the early 1980s. Along the way he dispels the myths and flawed information surrounding the legendary classic.

Uncover the mysteries surrounding the world's finest bolt action rifle. This exhaustively researched book, which includes more than 200 photos, features never-before-seen: Serial number records, sales figures, and change-in-production notices Design drawings Factory correspondence If you own a Model 52, or are a lover of find craftsmanship, you will appreciate this comprehensive look at the most perfect rifle ever made.