I'm selling my 91/30 in great condition.  It comes mounted in a modern stock, but also includes the original stock (original stock in useable condition, but many marks as is to be expected).  It also has the rear sight replaced with a scope mount, and comes with a 2-7 power long-eye-relief scope... but this did modification did NOT involve any drilling, cutting, or welding, and is fully reversable (original rear sight included).  The scope mount is a look-through type, with a notch that allows the use of iron sights while still having the scope mounted.  I set the rifle up this way to use as a groundhog gun.  On paper, I grouped right about 2" at 150 yards... I killed a few groundhogs with it, but have since fallen back to the .223 for varminting.  This rifle really is in great shape, and is a good shooter.  Bore is clean, numbers match.

If you have a question, feel free to ask, but be specific... mention the item you're asking about.  If you email me something like "Is it still available?" or "I am insterested in your item." then I will not respond. 

May possibly be interested in trades, not necessarily looking for anything in particular, but it worth asking.