A very nice 1944 Izhvesk PU sniper rifle that functions flawlessly only shot about 20 time by myself and last time was shot was sighted in at about 50 yards with the surplus ball ammunition. And I know that some importers created these snipers upon there import and I do believe that this is one of the created rifles but it is also much more affordable and reasonable priced compared to the originals ($2000-$3000) and will still help you feel like vasily zaytsev in stalingrad like in Enemy at the Gates. If you are interested feel free to contact or send an offer but I do have and few rules about how I deal so please read before contacting. Do Not Call, only Text REDACTED) if you call I will not anwser and will most likely not get back to you but if you email me I will get back asap.
Not really interested in trades looking for cash only so I will most likely not respond to trade offers. If it is up I still have it. I have a set location for meeting at the Bradley Park Target parking lot in Columbus and I am not willing to ship the gun or to travel to you so if are not ok with these conditions please do not respond because they will not change.