At BicKen Plating, we don't just provide a service for the gun enthusiast, we plate our own gun parts and are gun enthusiasts ourselves. Using our own equipment to perfect our techniques, we live by the quality product we offer by using it in our own firearms. We offer something that is made for and produced by the serious shooter.

Nickel Boron has been receiving a lot of positive attention in the firearms community for many reasons. Firstly, it provides your guns parts with a finish that is highly resistant to corrosion. You will no longer have to worry about moisture causing rust on your firearm parts. It is also very resistant to wear, which is extremely important when working with parts that are constantly in motion. Lastly, Nickel Boron plating is self lubricating. You no longer have to worry about adding excessive amounts of oil which collects carbon residue and debris which can cause your firearm to malfunction. This cuts down on maintenance and cleaning requirements.


For your consideration is a full auto AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group that has been plated in Nickle Boron. This is a new BCG that has never been installed in an upper reciever.

For more information on Nickel Boron, or how to get your parts plated, contact us via email.