I would like to get rid of this rifle, so inorder to do so, i will be beginning a reverse auction where I drop the price by $20 every few days. This is for one Mosin Nagant manufactured in 1942 in Ivshesk for the Soviet Union during the Second World War and imported by Century Arms International. The stock on this rifle is absolutely beautiful, the cosmoline has been cleaned, the action has been oiled, and there is no rust or pitting anywhere on the rifle. Furthermore this rifle does fire. I fired about 100 rounds of military surplus Russian 7.62x54r ammunition through this rifle with absolutely no issues. While the bore is not the shiniest in the world, it is plenty accurate especially for a Mosin Nagant as I was able to hit a steel target consistantly at 100 yards. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message. I prefer to meet locally at SC Guns. Buyer must pay FFL Fees. NOTE THIS RIFLE NEEDS A SPRING REPLACED HOLDS THE MAG WELL PLATE IN PLACE RIFLE IS FUNCTIONAL BUT MAGAZINE POPS OPEN IF MORE THAN 2 ROUNDS IS INSERTED.