This is a M-98 Mauser that has been converted to 45 ACP using the Rhineland conversion kit. The action is of unknown manufacture, (the crest has been polished off at some point in it's history) but the GEW 98 is still clearly marked on the left side of receiver. The bolt handle has been altered for scope mounting but the receiver has not been drilled and tapped for scope base. Nor does it have a low scope safety. The ejector has been adapted from a Jap 7.7 because the extra length was needed to eject case before it got back under the rear bridge where it would occasionally fall into the action because of hitting the side of the rear bridge.

This rifle does not reliably feed HP or SWC type bullets but is reasonably consistent with RN cast and FMJ bullets. Consistent operation of the action is necessary for any degree of reliability.

It is a great deal of fun to shoot with virtually no recoil and very mild report. It will whack my 100 yard gong every time with a surprising amount of authority. Plus, using cast bullets, it is very cheap to shoot.

I am selling this because I need to finance another project and it has had it's "day in the sun" so to speak. NO magazine since I want to keep them for my 45ACP.

$250.00 plus actual USPS Priority Mail, (plus insurance and delivery conformation if you want it) to your FFL. IF your FFL will not accept from an individual then you pay my FFL fees of $20.00.

If you want the original Mauser ejector assembley, I will include it for $10.00.