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Issued by the United States Historical Society. Exact hand crafted replica of Robert E. Lee revolver, 1 of 2500 issued in 1988 - serial number 1135.

The revolver comes in the original walnut case with gray velvet lining that also includes a Robert E. Lee medallion, a silver plated colt patent eagle flask and gold plated lead balls.

The revolver is a replica of Colt model 1851 navy in .36 caliber with 7-1/2" octagonal barrel. The barrel loading lever, frame, cylinder and hammer are decorated with gold etching.The one piece walnut grips has a Robert E. Lee bust medallion on the left grip.

The revolver is mint in unfired condition; the initial issue retail price was $2,100.00. This firearm is selling for $1,299.00.



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