Hello there potential badass,

You are undoubtedly looking for a reliable L shaped piece of metal and plastic that only armslist can provide. I present to you the glock 26, gen 4! You may ask yourself, "Should i spend the extra money for a gen 4 opposed to the gen 3?". Well why dont we all just wear the same clothes, drive the same cars, and do away with all the things that make us individuals?

Well not today Communism! Here is your opportunity (You dear reader...not Communism) to obtain something no one else in California can! Women will want to be with you and men will want to be you... or with you too...(I don't judge). If you haven't been convinced thus far maybe these minor details will help:

-Was bought brand new and has been through about 500 rounds/4 to 5 range visits.
-In its original case with original paperwork
-3 Magazines (10 round capacity)
-2 Carry holsters included with price
-A firm and platonic handshake at the end of our transaction

I fight crime and terrorism on the weekdays so that leaves only the weekends available for me to meet at a FFL place. I would prefer this to go down in the Palm Springs area but, I might go further west...maybe. If interested or if you wanna haggle me down feel free to call or text me at REDACTED.