Dan Wesson, Model 15-2 .357 Magnum (.38 Special).  8 inch barrel.  Target sights.

I bought this little (well... big) gem used at a local shop about a year ago.  It wasn't the prettiest gun, but I planned on using it for a woods/hunting/range toy so looks didn't matter to me.  After giving it a good cleaning and scrubbing, I realized this was truly a diamond in the rough and that this piece of hardware cleans up rather nicely.  As noted in the pictures, it looks as if the previous owner dropped it on its right side, however in person (as opposed to high contrast photos) I have never had one person notice the scuffs until I pointed them out.  Regardless, the bluing is still in decent shape with some minor imperfections here and there.

At the range, I can truly say this is my most accurate gun.  Sights do not need adjusted (they are adjustable if you like to live on the edge), and the yellow front sight is easy to pick up in various lighting.  The 8 inch barrel rules this out as a CCW, but shooting it at the range makes .38 special feel like .22 and hot .357 hunting loads are managable even to the most petite shooters.  The lock up and timing are still fine, the locking mechanism in front of the cyclinder makes this gun tougher than most revolvers and makes using speed loaders extra fast.  Trigger is light and smooth.  Never had any issues.

Only selling because I'm bored with revolvers.  I'm willing to accept trades but I'm kinda picky and have odd tastes in firearms so please don't be offended if I am not interested in any particular gun that you may have.  10mm autos are a bonus!!

Comes with the revolver: 
-Nylon holster
-2 speed loaders
-Spare Hogue grip with finger grooves
-Whatever .357/.38 ammo that I have left over.