FN 5.7 x 28mm ammo suggested by FN for self defense/Target purposes. Price 45 a box as that is what it is going for on Gun Broker If you would like to by all boxes will sell for 42 a box. It cost roughly $10 per 100 rounds to ship since it has to be shipped by weight so this is far cheaper than anyone else. Sold my PS90 and no longer need it. I will also trade for a Glock 23,17 or a 40cal XD

Folks who are holding out for the 30 a box Bass Pro and Cabella dream don't waste your time emailing me. They are both waiting 3 month for next supply and are back ordered further since those are already claime. There is a reason I sold my PS90. Add to it the Obama Ban. I have my eye on the current price and my price will go up as the current market goes up so get it while you can.