Kydex/Leather holsters. Perfect for conceal and carry. Fast turn around times. Prices start at around 35 and up. I make magazine carriers as well. Discounts on orders of 2 or more.

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I will ship to the US for an additional $5 per holster on any gun listed below.

I accept major credit cards.

Beretta Nano.
Beretta 92F.
Bersa Thunder Firestorm .380 .22
Bersa Thunder Compact 9/40 (inside only)
Bersa Thunder Compact 45
CZ 75 B (Compact)
FN Forty nine
Glock 17, 22, 31 (Gen 5 also)
Glock 19, 23, 32 (Gen 5 also)
Glock 20, 21 No Rail
Glock 26, 27, 33
Glock 30
Glock 34 35
Glock 42
Glock 43 G43
Glock 43x
Glock 48 IWB Hybrid only
Glock 45 G45
Hi-Point C9
Jimenez JA 22/25
Jimenez JA 32/380
Jimenez JA 9 JA9
Jimenez LC380
Kahr CW 9 40 45 
Kahr PM9 PM-9
Kahr P380
KelTec P-32
KelTec P3AT
KelTec PF9 PF-9
Kimber Micro 9
Kimber Micro 380
Rossi Revolver 2in barrel 5 shot R35102 R35202
Ruger American
Ruger American Compact
Ruger LC9 with or without Crimson Trace
Ruger LC380
Ruger LCP with or without Crimson Trace
Ruger LCP 2
Ruger LCR Ruger SP101 2 1/4in and 3in
Ruger SR-22 pistol
Ruger SR9/40c
Ruger SR9/40
1911 5in with rail
1911 5in without rail
1911 4in without rail
1911 Rock Island 3.5in (inside the waist only)
S&W Bodyguard .380 pistol (With or without laser)
S&W J-Frame Airweight .38 or .32 Magnum
S&W 4in K Frame .38 .357
S&W Shield 9/40
S&W Shield 9/40 with Crimson Trace
S&W Shield 45
S&W M&P 9/40 4.25in
S&W M&P 9/40 Compact
S&W M&P 45 4.25in
Springfield XD 4in 9/40
Springfield XD SC 3in 9/40
Springfield XD Mod 2 3in or 4in
Springfield XDs 9/45 3.3in
Springfield XDs 9/45 4in
Sig Mosquito
Sig P365 365
Sig P239
Sig P320 Full Size
Sig P320 Compact
Sig P320 Subcompact
Sig P238
Sig P938
Sig P229
Sig Ultra 1911 3.3in barrel (inside the waist only)
Taurus PT 709/740 Slim
Taurus PT111 G2 G2C G2S
Taurus PT92 PT99
Taurus 738 TCP
Taurus Judge 2 1/4in
Taurus Model 85 revolver .38 / .357
Taurus Titanium .38 revolver 5 shot 
Walther CCP
Walther PK .380
Walther PPK
Walther PPQ
Walther PPS