Used 3" S&W Pro series Officers Model in .45ACP (Praise be unto John Moses Browning)  This one has had a tritium dot sight custom fitted in place of the original white dot.  Everything else is bone stock.  I am the second owner and have put slightly over 200 rounds through it.

Blemishes include a ding at the base of the MSH, and some scuffs on the frame where an ambi safety used to ride.

I will also include 2 extended 10-round Chip McCormick Power mags (for bustin' maximum caps)

Let me know if you have any questions!

Accessories: Factory blue case (manual, fired case, Davidson's warranty, etc), original white dot sight, 2 factory magazines, 2 extra guide rod recoil springs, 2 10-round magazines

Price: Looking for trades, both rifles and handguns.  Mainly in 9mm, 45ACP 5.56 or 308.  Please no home built ARs!  I will accept partial cash trades or multi-handgun trades.