Century Arms ak74 bullpup, less than a year old.
Lucid red dot sight.
saiga 12 fore grip modded properly to fit the barrel.
3 30 rd clips.
Magpul afg2 foregrip.
Twin Kar-Bar pistol daggers configured horizontally vs under the barrel.

the ak74 is built on the traditional ak47 chassis but fit to fire the russian 5.45x39 rd (about the same as a 223, but more of a tumbler once it hits the target). also an extremely cheap round to fire, i buy spam cans at fleet farm 1080 rds= 130-150 bucks. as compared to 223 which will run you 4-500 bucks for the same quantity.

bullpup meaning it has the same length barrel, its just the body of the gun that is configured differently to achieve such a short rifle. hence short tactical rifle without loosing long range accuracy.

I eliminated the wobbly sight mount cia put on there and and added a better sight mount that came with the saiga forgrip. solid as a rock now.

this gun is a blast to shoot, i hate to see it go, but im on to my next project rifle and need the fundage.

emails only, lowballers wil not be entertained. you will not find another like this.