This CO2 pellet gun is boss, seriously. You know who else thinks so? Ted F-ing Williams, that's who. Why else would he put his name on it? Certainly not for the purposes of endorsement revenue. How dare you even think that!

I learned to shoot with this thing before I could read. I have valiantly defended my grandmother's pear tree from furry perpetrators with this weapon and thereby earning many delectable pear pies in the process.

It's accurate and hits like a Mack Truck. When I say it's accurate, I do mean accurate. Has great sights and a crisp trigger break. There are only two downsides to this: 1) It's heavy, but built to last. 2) It's single-shot, but that's all you'll need, that is unless there is an army of bushy-tailed vermin conducting a coordinated attack on what should become your delicious pear pies.

It's in excellent shape. Bluing is all there except for the pellet cover slide. It has been well maintained and has many years of life left in it. It also comes with a very worn box and a cool tin of pellets (oxidized so don't use them) which I never used but kept.

This is a rare piece and the prices on these things have been all over the map. I picked the mid-point but will entertain serious offers.

On a side note, while my father taught me to shoot with this, it's not really meant for kids. The grip is too big for most kids.

The options don't allow me to select the correct information, so the description here is correct.