I have an absolutely beautiful Kimber Ultra CDP ll available for sale or trade plus cash. This gun is the best looking gun I have ever seen hands down. It has made two trips to the range firing exactly 2 boxes of ammunition each time. One box of 50 FMJ and one box of 20 personal protection. Without a hiccup. I bought this gun to carry but it's such a nice looking gun I can't get myself to carry it because I don't want to damage it from everyday carry. It does not have a scratch on it. The gun retails for $1,331 on the Kimber website seen here.. http://www.kimberamerica.com/1911/cdp-ii/ultra-cdp-ii

You can go to that link to read more about it.

The gun originally only came with one magazine, I have since purchased and additional 2 KimPro Tac mags totaling 3 mags.

Text or email preferred 937581014zero

Will trade for: 2 used glocks any generation plus cash, full size 1911 (kimber, springfield, ruger, smith and wesson, or colt)