Hey there, I just got this Monday and haven't fired it yet. It was the only one in the area I could find without a canted front sight. Pistol is in great condition. I was planning on SBRing it, but think I'm going to go a different route. Comes with everything from factory as you can see, as well as 2 magazines. Chambered in 7.62x39.

Looking to get $700 through this weekend only. That is less than I paid Monday. If I can't I will hold onto it, so please no lowball offers. I know some online places are selling them for less, but everyone I have seen is backordered until who knows when, plus the sights may be off. 2 of the 3 I found were canted. Factor in wait time and possibly getting one that will need to have it's front sight fixed. Located in NW Reno just off McCarran and 80.