I need the money for a stupid but nonetheless serious bill problem so , I have to triage and pick something to sell.

Unfortunately I haven't any firearms I don't love or would want to sell. Nor the two others i have got rid of in my life did I want to, both were absolutely essential at the time because my puppy dog became sick in summer 2010 and I needed all available cash to pay for vet. (He is fine now but at the time it was bad and to be honest they bamboozled me, if you take $2000 from me in July and two weeks later in August hes sick from the same thing/not better you can't take another $5000 from me. ANYWAY).. I didn't want to sell those two and I don't want to sell this one now but.

It's a Savage and by every account of the word that speaks for itself.. BEAUTIFUL worksmanship, craftsmanship, fit and finish. it feels like you're holding a few thousand dollar classy hunting rifle like a Browning A-Bolt or the like. Wooden stock is wAAAAAAY nicer than it should be.

Bolt action, smooth as butter. Basically I fired this JUST ABOUT enough to start the 'break in' and 'smooth in" process but not even a 525 round box of ammo. (Of which I shot mostly all top quality CCI ammo but admittedly tried out some Federal 525 Bulk Pack Value.).

The accuracy of this is just unreal for the rifle it is and the price. I don't know anything about these benchrest commandos with their rimfire warrior competition rifles for the Olympic style competitions.. or even the tough guys at the range with their $1,000 barrels, 50x power scopes, custom made and fitted stocks on 10/22 actions etc. that are just soooo cool they measure their accuracy with their custom laser rulers to .01's on the targets. REMOVING THAT $HIT from the equation, this rifle is amazingly accurate. I'm told both Savage is famous for accuracy and the price they charge for what you get, and bolt action rifles are generally most accuracy due to less moving parts. Well this rifle must be the perfect storm because its just not funny how great it is.

It came with a Bushnell rimfire 3-9x40mm scope. I forget what the off-the-shelf name and price of this was, its like 40 bucks. it was AMAZING actually and I was ComPLETELY happy with it and would not have replaced it. and if I did I was sold on Bushnell and would have bought a slightly upgraded one. But when buying an Aimpoint Micro R-1 from MidwayUSA I had the option to buy an amazing awesome Nikon ProStaff 4-12x40mm Nikoplex scope. This is the top of the line of their ProStaff series which is basically their most amazing value. It's their friendliest-priced scopes from their higher-echelon down. some of the exact same amazing important features like the fully multicoated glass and nitrogen purged gas filled insides and the optical engineering but since its not designed for delta force or sniper competition shooting its extremely competitvely priced. Nikoplex reticle is like the best little feature they secretly have- its a fine duplex reticle with thick bars on the outside and thin on the inside BUT- if you do your research, some math, and some thinking and practical application you can figure out and apply the distances between the lines as accurate BDC stadia and use excellent shooting holds. This scope is WAAAAAY MORE SCOPE than a .22LR needs but you will NEVER outshoot this scope wth the rifle and with 98% light transmission and 12x zoom you can always see your target. The best part is, leaving it at 4x is perfect for a TON of shooting situations... your field of view is huuuuge and the magnifcation is great and you can just fire away.

This rifle looks extremely classy and expensive and shoots even better. And Savage reflected their past 3 years of success and sales popularity with raising their prices. My rifle saves you that .

I am looking for a swift, smooth, speedy transaction because I need the money and someone just strung me along and burned me on an expensive AR sale , so I have to now sell my baby .22s. If you are interested and serious please don't hesitate to contact me. But I am selling this to someone who is serious and once we agree is coming right out and getting to business, not someone who needs a week to find the money and make sure its okay to buy it before vacation and wants to use me to reduce their DESIRED RIFLES Seller's price etc.. I will be honest fair and work with you but in return i need it to happen smoothly and swiftly so I can get the money to where my dog needs it.

Rifle comes with the new Scope of course, mounted on the rings it came with, and the Nikon covers... i will also include a $75 brown soft-sided rifle case, and two magazines I bought when there was none to be found so they were $49.99 a piece. No ammo is included but I can sell you a box or two to get you started if necessary. thanks!

In the picture, the rifle being advertised here and sold is the top one, easily identified by the wood stock and the fact it's not an AR like the one in the middle lol and not a synthetic stocked Rem 597 on bottom.