brand new glock20,10mm 5.5 barrel bought7/27/2012,3xtra mags $104.85,20lb recoil reducer guide spring $35.43,6 bxs 135gr corbon powrball ammo $150.00, 150rnds pmc170gr jhp $101.85,ameriglow ghost ring night sight $130.00,pro stealth holster$42.95,4 bxs hornady 155gr xtp $89.36,50 rnd bx pmc blazer200gr fmj$31.00,1 bx pmc eldarado 180gr jhp$28.95 I havent even shot it.and these prices dont include shipping or taxes.would consider trade new ruger superblackhawk 44mag, 5.5 barrell and $350.00.IF SERIOUS CALL REDACTED,email REDACTED earnest brown, THE SUPERBLACKHAWK 44mag can be blued must have 5.5 barrel. ihave case an paper work on gun an accessories.