Offered is a unique pre- 1947 deck clock that was made in India prior to the independence of India from Great Britain. The jeweled movement has a magnifying glass orb in the front and back. The dial is white paper and is in excellent condition.'The round glass clock has a top stem for setting the timeare screwed into and moves/ tilts front and back to set the time. The orb is held by 2 brass tubes. The movement is marked " 17 jewels" and "The King's India Movt".

The domed glass on the front and back is magnifying. The orb, movement , case and glass is 2 1/4" high ( not including stem), wide and deep.

The brass tubes are screwed into a 3 3/8" round brass base with knotched edges.The clock is 8 7/8" high.

There are no scratches on the glass or dings, dents or scratches in the brass.

Clock work great and is a rare.
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