*Complete package to build your own semi auto RPD, or to have it built!*

1. Complete ALL MATCHING, hand selected Polish RPD kit. 1961 dated, perfect blueing, and perfect barrel. All small parts match serial number.

1. DSA 100% RPD Receiver. (if you know anything about DSA's FAL's you know theyre G2G!)

1. SEMI AUTO PARTS KIT. (NO one is MAKING these at this time!) Comes with the complete booklet on how to do the build. (vector arms)

I have 1065 in this... all parts, including shipping, hand select fee, and Transfer fee for the receiver.

1030 OBO, do not lowball me, Everythig is brand new and less than a month old, the semi auto parts kits arent even readily available at this time, and no date set for when DSA is supposed to make them either.

So get this a tad cheaper plus no waiting on a Semi auto kit...whenever they will be available.

This build is more complicated than an AK etc. so know what your doing before you purchase, I can give limited advice, as I was going to build it myself. Then school came...


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