Up for sale/trade is a Webley Mark I revolver, Not a Mark I* or I**, so this is an example of the earliest model of Webley.
Some minor pitting in places but no obvious surface rust. Blued finish.
Lockup seems to be tight.
Proof marks everywhere..serial number of "1022" and all the serial numbered parts match.

It's been shaved for .45 ACP use(with moon clips) rather than the original .455 Webley cal. The very bottom edge of the serial numbers on the rear face of the cylinder are missing and the cylinder face has no proof marks on it at all.
I think the the barrel has been cut and the front sight moved. Looks to be a pretty good job if so. I understand that the barrel cutting and shaved cylinders were pretty common when they were imported to make them more palatable to the US market as the original .455 Webley cal wasn't really available here.

The star extractor does not snap back into place when you open the gun, the extractor stays in the "up" position until you start to close the gun, then it lowers. I have not disassembled it so it could be just dirt/gunk. The gun can still be loaded/fired regardless.

UPDATE - Ive had numerous emails from other Webley owners that it's most likely dirt/gunk causing the above. You'll mileage may vary..I'll leave it to the new owner.

The Mark I Webleys were last made in the 1890's, so since it was made pre 1899, it can be bought/sold/mailed, etc. without a FFL as it's considered "antique". Includes brown leather holster. This is the epitome of the classic British pistol at the height of their empire. Or if you just want to look like Sherlock Holmes. The pictures are a little deceiving...this is a big, heavy pistol, with a huge .45 cal bore. :)

I'm looking to trade it outright for a modern firearm, or asking $375.00 cash/best offer. Please feel free to email with any questions or request pics of specific areas of the pistol. Thanks for looking.