I am selling a 45 cal. Hatfield percussion Kentucky style full stock rifle. It is 39" Octagon (7/16" across the flats) browned barrel with double set triggers, brass fittings. This gun is in very good condition except for some smaller marks towards the butt end of the stock. I have had to change the ramrod to a fiberglass one because the other one broke. I used this gun for informal shooting competitions and it is a good shooter. I am selling it because I don't use it anymore. I am not interested in trading either.

Make an offer and thanks for looking.

Because of some of the emails that I have been getting I guess I need to also put in that this is not an Italian reproduction but a real Hatfield made in America. That is why I have started the price where it is. I appreciate your offers but try to make them somewhat reasonable. I am flexible with the price but not by a few hundred dollars.
Everyone wants something for nothing but you won't find it here.
If this offends you then DO NOT send me your offer.