This is the last of a lot I bought from an elderly gentleman. I have 2 Lee dies for $15 each. One is a 444 Marlin and the other is a 30-06. I also have a 2 pound coffee can of 38 special brass. I have not emptied it out so there may be brass cases underneath it. I'll be honest with you there could be anything in there. I'm not dumping it out to find out. I want $10 for the 38 special brass. I also have a box of s Sierra Pro Hunter 140 grain Spitzer bullets. This box is opened so it's up to you to weigh these to make sure they are the grain the box says. I want $10 for these also. These prices are dirt cheap so they are firm. The only way I will reduce the price is if you take all of it. If you take all of it it is yours for $45. That's about the price for just one of the dies if you were buying it new. I will meet face to face at Bass Pro Shop for the trade. If someone wants all of it. They will take priority over someone wanting just part of it. Thanks for looking. Darrin