Up for sale is a Mosin Nagant that has been completely and thoroughly sporterized. I know this auction may offend some of the purists out there but this particular rifle has had no historical connection that has in any way, shape, or form made it more rare then the millions of other Mosin Nagant 91/30s out there. So I feel no shame in having sporterized this particular rifle. The gun has had less then 100 rounds through it and has performed flawlessly. Russian engineering at it's best.

Modifications include:
Monte Carlo stock (barrel has been free-floated)
The barrel was cut to 20" and recrown at 11degrees.
Finnish ball-roller M38 trigger was installed
Sear Spacer
Trigger Return Spring
Custom turn-down bolt-handle (sniper style)
Wolff Hi-Pressure Spring
S&K Scope Mount (utilizes original mount)
AIMPOINT Long-Eye Relief Scope (cheap)
Bolt has been polished for a smoother action

Extras include:
.50 cal can full of 54R (approx. 400+ rounds)

The gun has been partially duracoated a semi-gloss/matte black. The reason I say partially is because I had originally not intended to duracoat the Mosin but found that after painting another project I had some left over. Mid-way through the process I ran out of duracoat. There are two areas that are partially painted and the rest has only had one layer applied. You can easily strip the gun down and duracoat the remainder with a $30 dollar Mix-n-Spray kit available from Brownells. Shouldn't affect the durability of the duracoat at all.