#1. 14" blue 338JDJ#2 barrel magnaported
TSOB mount with Bushnell Trophy 2-6 with Burris Sig rings w/inserts
RCBS dies
29 rounds with 200gr. Nosler BT's
14 rounds with 200gr. Speer Hot Cor
31 1&2x fired brass
30 new 444 brass
24 200gr. Ballistic Silvertips
75 200gr. Speer Hot Cor
159 200gr. Hdy interlocks
170 200gr. Nosler BT's
50 200gr. Accubonds
Package price $575. Barrel/mount,dies,loaded rounds and brass $425
#2. 12" blue 309 JDJ barrel
Redfield ? mount with 3 rings with Bushnell 2-6 Trophy
Hornady dies
17 rounds with 150gr. Hdy Spire Point
20 rounds with 150gr. Accubonds
8 rounds with 180gr. Rem Corelocks
30 1x fired brass
30 new 444 brass
30 150gr. Accubonds
64 150gr. Hdy Spire Point
Package price $450 Barrel/mount, dies, loaded rounds and brass $350
Barrels are in good shape,sighted in, light scratches here and there but nothing deep.
#3. Burris Timberline 3-9x32 BP in matte with light ring marks and BC caps with box (6months old)$140
#4 Leupold 2 pc base with Millet 30mm rings (high) in matte for Rem 700 SA. $30
#5 100 pcs 30-06 brass 1x fired RP&FC sized trimmed and deprimed $25
#6 80 pcs 44 mag brass WW&RP and 44pcs nickel brass FC 1x fired. $20
#7 "SOLD" 150 pcs 221 brass RP new $40
#8 48 pcs 357 mag nickel brass by Speer 1x fired free with any of the other brass
Remember if you don't like the price you can always PM me an offer. More to come as I clean