I will try not to get flagged here now. This is a WINDHAM AR-15 I bought brand new and have never shot it even. There was no Windham company to select ...however the literature with the rifle explains the Bushmaster company's removal and Windham Weaponry's rise. I am just a working class guy here not a company, I have a nice new rifle I am trying to sell to fund my family medical situation. If I was flagged for the price ...to bad because I paid $900 for it, I have seen them for much more. Thank you all for looking and let me know if I can answer any questions. UPDATE : RE UPDATE:4/18/2012 11:12AM -WE ARE GOING TO ST LOUIS FOR JANE'S CHECK ON DEVELOPMENT AGAIN ON THURSDAY.. I HAVE DECIDED TO LOSE SOME MORE MONEY ON THE AR- 15 , LOWERED THE PRICE TO 750 ...It comes with 3 30 round clips and its case.IF SOMEONE WILL BUY IT TODAY, WE HAVE TO LEAVE TOMORROW AFTER 3PM TO HEAD TO ST LOUIS. E MAIL ME OR CALL ME ON MY CELL REDACTED, IF I DON'T GET TO YOU LEAVE A MESSAGE AND I WILL CALL YA RIGHT BACK. THANK YOU ALL. THE LAWLER FAMILY.