These are replica bullet keychains, in various calibers. They are all handmade right here in Missoula, with only high quality componenets, and they look great on your keys, or make a great gift for the hunter/shooter/outdoorsperson in your life. The brass is cleaned, sized, trimmed, had the flash hole drilled out, and a stud inserted, a bullet seated to correct length, crimped, and hand polished. The stud that the ring is attached to is mounted from the inside of the case, and cannot pull out, not some cheap eyelet screwed into the flash hole that will come loose over time. I also do not just drill two holes through the case and put a ring through it, I think that looks tacky. All keychains come with a 1" split keyring. Also, any of these calibers can be made into a necklace with dog-tag ball-bearing chain! I can also make pistol calibers into earrings!

I have the following bullets available.

9mm FMJ (Nickel or brass case)
9mm Hollowpoint (Nickel or brass case)

.357 Magnum JSP

.40 S&W FMJ (nickel or brass case)
.40 S&W Hollowpoint (Nickel or brass cae)

.44 Magnum Hornady XTP

.45 ACP Hornady XTP hollowpoint (nickel or brass case)
.45 ACP FMJ (nickel or brass case)

.220 Swift 50 grain Hornady VMax (red tip)
.220 Swift 60 grain Hornday HP

.223/5.56mm 55 grain FMJ
.223/5.56mm 55 grain hornady VMax (red tip)
.223/5.56mm 55 grain Hornady ZOMBIE MAX (neon green tip)

.243 Winchester Nosler Partition (nickel or brass case)
.243 WInchester CT Ballistic Silvertip (nickel or brass case)(silver tip)
.243 Winchester Hornady SST (nickel or brass case)(red tip)

.270 Winchester Hornady SST (red tip)
.270 Winchester Remington Core-Lokt

.308 Winchester Remington Core-Lokt
.308 Winchester Speer Spitzer BT
.308 Winchester Sierra Spitzer

.30-06 Springfield Core-Lokt
.30-06 Springfield Nosler Accubond (white tip)
.30-06 Springfield Speer Spitzer BT
.30-06 Springfield Sierra Spitzer

.300 Winchester Magnum Remington Core-Lokt
.300 Winchester Magnum Nosler Accubond (white tip)
.300 Winchester Magnum Speer Spitzer BT
.300 Winchester Magnum Sierra Spitzer

More pictures can be found here:

$5.00 each for any caliber/combination
$6.00 each for any caliber/combination as a necklace, and not a keychain.
$12.00/pair as earrings.
I can ship these if needed. $2.00 for 1-2 items, if you need more, I can provide shipping estimates. Orders over $50.00 will qualify for free shipping!

I will soon also have others as well. I might also be able to custom make a specific caliber for you, Or if you have a specific brand/weight of bullet that you love/use often (like you want a .30-06 made with a Barnes TSX, and YOU have them)please email with any questions. If you are interested, I can also be reached at 406-544-8 two five eight via call or text. Thanks for looking, and straight shooting!