-Leupold Mark IV Tactical 4.5-14x50 (standard Mil-dot reticle)

-Harris swivel bipod and sling included

This weapon was built by Hart Barrels in 2010.

There have been only 140 rounds through the gun, recorded in the data book that is provided (Marine Corps data book).

Sub MOA weapon:
Remington 700 chambered in .30-06 Springfield

Leupold Mark IV 4.5-14x50 Tactical with 1/4 MOA adjustments & Illuminated reticle

Brand new Nightforce tactical medium rings.

Nightforce 40 MOA base ...yes 40 MOA. Successfully allowed this gun to engage targets with ease out to 1,375 yards without needing to use mil holds.

24" Barrel, 1-10 twist rate. Taper 1.2" for 4" followed by straight taper to .92" (same as the Marine Corps M40-A3) 11 Degree Crown.

Choate Tactical Stock BDL - CNC aluminum bedding block molded into the stock. Quick attach/detach shooting pad seen in pictures (velcro underside) that can be easily removed for bipod. This Choate stock has a rail under the stock that allows the bipod to be moved foreword or backward depending on the shooters' needs/preference.

Hart Barrels' glass bedded the recoil lug at the time of barrel being created and mated to the action. This barrel was made solely for this action. (action has not been separated from stock since creation).

Karsten adjustable cheek piece with Eagle cheek pad over it.

This weapon is owned and painted by a Marine Scout/Sniper.

Remington does not make a target model in .30-06. This is a one of a kind weapon that is extremely accurate and a pleasure to shoot. I'm selling it because it never gets used. No trades please.