I have a third generation Colt Detective Special 2" snub nose revolver for sale. This gun has been shot very little and it shows very nicely. I Rate at 90%-95% for fit and finish. The cylinder is very tight and the trigger is very smooth. The gun has wood grips. For those who don't know, the Colt's are no-longer made (1990's for the last 4th generation)and are quite collectible amongst the Colt revolver crowd. These guns have an internal safety bar which prohibits the firing pin from hitting the primer, unless the trigger is fully depressed to the rear. I do not know the round count, I do not have the box. I have had it looked at by a local firearms expert in Lakewood who assessed it as not perfect, but a very tight, nice little Colt.

The only reason I am selling it is to fund the purchase of a Hammerless J Frame.

If you are in the market for a very nice Colt revolver, something that will hold its value then take a look at this pistol. Look online... you'll see what I mean.