For sale is a Winchester 22lr rifle built to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Boy Scouts of America. This gun is in mint, new, unfired condition in box. It still has the tags on it as well. It has a medallion inlaid in the stock as well as classy engravings. I am wanting to sell the whole thing as a package along with the rifle will come 1 completely sealed brick and another brick that has 1 box missing of the Winchester Boy Scouts 75th Commemorative .22 Ammo. The Ammo comes in a box and brick match the box that the rifle came in. They are a nickle plated shell casing that has the BSA emblem stamped on the head of the casing. Also included is a wall hanging walnut/glass display case that I built in high school that holds the rifle the box and the bricks. The pictures below are ones I took from the internet as the setup is at my dads house in Southwest Kansas. But I will be going up there in a week or so. I am wanting $2000 obo for the entire package. The Gun usually sells for around 1200-1500 depending on condition which this one is perfect. The boxes of shells usually go for 30-60 per box this is for 19 boxes 10 of which are in a sealed brick. I would be open to select trades + cash. I wanted to give a chance to the local guys before I put it on an auction site.