Hey All,
On offer are a few nice and uncommon handguns. Perfect for the military enthusiast, history buff, or just for someone who likes to have interesting pistols to plink with. All of the pistols here have been shot and tested. Here is what's on offer:

Pictures are available for all of the pistols listed below. E-mail if you're interested! Thanks!

1. 1914 Erfurt Artillery Luger (9mm luger):
An uncommon and unique pistol from WWI, there were only 22,000 of these ever made (compared to nearly 200,000 from DWM). Pistol is completely intact and functional, but does suffer from some cosmetic issues. The pistol has pitting, mostly fairly light, across approximately 70% of the surface. It does have some heavier pitting along the backstrap of the grip, with the worst along the rear portion of the frame. However, it's still presentable, and perfectly safe to shoot. This is a cosmetic issue only, and the mechanics of the pistol are in excellent condition. Pistol is mostly matching, with only a few minor parts not matching the barrel/frame. These are really cool pistols, and if you've been looking for one to have a good time at the range with, this is a good example to enjoy without worrying about damaging one in mint condition.
Includes a nice current manaufacture Mec-Gar magazine.
Price: $1100 OBO

2. WWII German FN M1922 (aka M1910/22) w/ original holster and 2 magazines (.32 ACP/7.65mm):
One of the main pistols of WWII Nazi Germany, the FN M1922 pistols were widely issued to Army officers and Luftwaffe personnel. This rig is in beautiful condition, having a beautiful original finish, completely intact and original WWII leather Luftwaffe holster, and two original WWII era magazines. The pistol shoots great, and the serial numbers are all fully matching. Finish is about 80-90%. The leather on the holster does show some patina/age, but the leather is still very supple, and the Luftwaffe stamp is clear and easy to see. All in all, a nice, correct, original, and beautiful WWII German pistol rig.
Price: $400 OBO

3. Czech CZ-52 Rig (7.62X25):
These are great shooting pistols which use an inexpensive round. Condition is Very Good to Excellent, and the pistol shoots great. All numbers are matching, with a brand new firing pin. This pistol is ready to go, and includes 2 original magazines and a nice original holster.
Price: $225

4. Ruger Standard (.22LR):
This pistol is in great condition, and shoots even better. It is a basic .22LR pistol, similar to a Mark I but with fixed sights, simple enough for anyone to use. The pistol is in nice original condition, with a neat set of custom exotic wood grips.
Price: $245

5. Walther Manurhin P1 Rig (9mm Luger)
The Walther P1 is basically a WWII era P38 with an alloy frame, made for the German police in the 1950s. This version was actually assembled in France from German parts and is more uncommon. The condition is Very Good, with only some light holster wear to the original finish. All numbers are matching, and the mechanics are excellent and it works great. Includes original holster and 2 magazines.
Price: $300

6. Astra 600 (9mm Luger)
The Astra 600 pistols were originally made for the German Army in WWII. However, after the first shipment, the supply lines were cut off by the events of D-day in 1944. However, the factory completed the remaining 40,000 pistols throughout 1944/45, and stored them away until they were purchased again by the German police in the 1950s. This example is in Very Good condition, with fully matching numbers, and shoots great! It does have some holster wear and a few small marks on the grips, but is overall a nice historical pistol.
Price: $275