I have a mossberg 640kd, These are rare every once and while you will see these pop up online auctions

Chambered in 22 magnum
Bolt action
Production in 1959-1960
5 round magazine
4x zoom scope
arpox 80+ rds of winchester dynapoint magnum 45grain
leather sling ( dont know brand but pretty nice)

I bought it, went through it and cleaned it up and smooth out the action a little and got rid of some machine marks making the gun smoother compared to what it used to be.
I used m1 garrand grease on the bolt and moving parts, She fires great and is dead accurate for a rifle of its age.
It is missing part of the rear sight (sheet metal piece and screw are gone that moves up and down im sure you can find a dove tail that will fit for cheap)
The rear bolt stop plastic piece is chipped (pictured) ( can be ordered online for 8.00 dollars) ( if you want i can help you install that/ show you how to breakdown the gun since there isnt anything online really)

It does come with what i beleive the stock scope 4x weaver.

Comes with 2 boxes of 45grain winchester 22 magnum dynapoint magnums (80 rounds)

Once again 18 years or older
Valid driver license CCW / military welcome
No wife beaters, felons , dishonerably discharged etc.