I have a Century Arms 7.62x39 GP 1975 Sporter that I completely stripped, cleaned and reassembeled to get the packing cosmoline material out of and fired three shots out of the new barrel so that I could re clean it and test proper functionality of the gas system which works perfectly. I bought it to use on a hog hun down south and will not be able to make the trip so am putting up the rifle to see if anyone wanted to buy/trade. The AK-47's action works beautifully and smooth as butter, comes with the 30 round magazine and sling. For whatever reason the cleaning rod could use to be replaced as it was marred up from the factory although it is aesthetic and doesn't effect operation. I am ordering a new muzzle brake for the gun to help with muzzle rise so there will likely be a new one on it if you choose to see it in person, I won't ship it, local sale only. I don't have to sell it but would like to se what else is out there since it will just be a "fun-gun" now