Savage Model 11 V/T .223REM (55 rounds through it)
Bushnell 4-12x44mm scope
35 rounds Hornaday Superformance 55gr FMJ (and the 15 brass)
80 rounds TulAmmo 55gr FMJ
40 brass PMC (once fired)

Gun shoots great. Shot it one time, put 55 rounds through it. Got a best of 1.5" at 100 yards and I am not that great of a shot, so there is a lot left in it. I've seen these group at .75" and better with a good shooter. I bought it in January for $540 at Dicks. The 50 round box of Hornaday costs $30 and the TulAmmo was $6 per 20 rounds ($24 total). I like the gun, but bought it on a whim and realized I will never use it for anything except at the range.

Asking $525 for everything minus the bipod, $560 with the bipod.
On Fort Riley