Offered for sale from NC23GUNS:
Yugoslavian M48 MAUSER 8mm bolt action military surplus rifle

M48: 1948-1952- The initial version of the M48, with full crest and all machined steel parts.

Most M48's were put into government storage shortly after they were manufactured. Most M48's that are encountered in the United States and Australia today show only slight wear—usually from storage. Many rifles are sold with accessories, including bayonet, bayonet scabbard, leather bayonet frog, ammo pouches, cleaning rod, and field cleaning kit. The rifles are normally sold coated in the protective grease 'cosmoline' which needs to be cleaned out before the rifle is fired. The condition is frequently excellent due to a Yugoslavian maintenance program that cleaned and inspected the stored rifles in rotation every 5 years until that nation's breaking up.
As such, the M48 only saw limited use in the Yugoslav Wars. Often the M48 was used as the basis for a sniper rifle, drilled and tapped for the ZRAK 4x32 telescopic sight and mounts.[1] However, other than an experimental batch of approximately 4000 rifles, no official M48 sniper rifle was ever fielded by the Yugoslav Army. (ref. Serbian & Yugoslav Mauser Rifles by Branko Bogdanovic, North Cape Publishing, 2005)

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