Best deal on the net and quickest shipping. call/text REDACTED i accept Paypal,Debit, Credit, Money order. All orders ship in 24 hours and deliver in 2-5days {typically} FREE SHIPPING Im getting BUSY!!!!! Yes i do bulk discounting. No I will not help you make one. My site is up and running, if it takes you to don't freak out we own that site too. Jigs have arrived and are $115 Ill do package deals if you want lowers and a jig/ jigs. IF you don't trash the jig I will take it back and send you $40 or give $45 off next order.

These ARE:
- Aluminum 6061 T-6 cast
- Fully Flared Magwell
- Strengthened Rear Buffer Tower
- Media Blasted Finish
-Multi caliber
-American Made
-Brand New
-Professionally CNC after cast
- Mill Spec

What these are NOT:
-Foreign knockoffs
-Blemished or Seconds
-Illegal to own or Finish
-Fully Finished Lower Receivers

These will require a drill press and jig to finish. I have jigs. This product has been identified “not a firearm” by the BATF. Please check your local laws and restrictions before ordering.