This was a limited edition Para Ordnance version of the elite commander (very close to one at least). It has a gold-ish colored anodized finished instead of the traditional black, as well as special engraving. These were specially made just for ducks unlimited in 2013 and only had 2,000 made. It has seen only 21 rounds thru it. Includes everything that came with it originally: 2 magazines, case, cable lock, as well as 29 rounds of ammo if picked up in person. If I need to ship it, I will have to check into local FFL dealers and you will have to pay the cost on both ends.

Don't need to sell, but I've had it several months and haven't even had a chance to fire it myself. The only other one I have seen come up for sale went for $1,200. I am not willing to take less than $750 for this gun, or I will keep it for my own collection.

I also have not been able to find any local FFL dealers to ship for me, so please only contact me if you are local unless you can arrange the shipping details.