I just bought this gun and didn't even shoot it yet. I sent it to Ruger and ask them to go over the gun and replace any parts that had any sign of wear. They replaced the cam block and a few extra parts in the gun and I also asked them to replace the front and rear sights because someone put after market sights on the gun and I wanted the gun completely stock. They shot the gun and said it shoots excellent and the gun is in great shape. It comes with the two 15 round clip and the packing slip from Ruger for prove of the work that was done.

The reason I am selling the gun is because where I work at we just found out they are buying new weapons and I would like to buy the same gun we will practice on. Please don't try to talk me down on the price I am already taking a loss and the Ruger DAO are very hard to find not like the Ruger DC that have flooded the market . You will be responsible for the taxes and the delivery cost Thanks.