I would sell all 806 rounds for $650. That is almost .80 cents per round!

I have plenty of ammo to trade or sell. I also have an enfield for sale on separate armslist ad. http://www.armslist.com/posts/2534267/oklahoma-city-oklahoma-rifles-for-sale--enfield-303-cerakoted-scope-bipod-ati-stock---also-have-303-ammo-separately

(4) Wolf Gold Performance Ammunition 150 Grain Copper SP BT - Brass Case Non-Corrosive Boxer Primed (20 cartridges each, Total: 80 rounds)

(8) Hotshot SP BT - 180 Grain - Boxer Primed Non-Corrosive AM841 (20 Cartridges each, Total: 160 rounds)

(1) Remington Express Core-Lokt - 180 Grain SP R303B1 Non-Corrosive - (20 rounds)

(7) Sealed Original Boxes of Greek HXP-75 Non-Corrosive (48 Cartridge each, Total: 336 rounds)
HXP Reloads (Total: 210 rounds) - Greek HXP .303. This enfield ammo is supposed to be the best you can get.

Total 303 British Non-Corrosive Ammo Rounds: 806 rounds
Feel free to make a Reasonable offer (all I can do is say no).