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For Sale: AR-15 M1 Garand M1 Carbine wanted-Trade offer

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Thursday, January 23, 2014
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South, Springfield, Missouri - Map
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Will consider trade of the below parts for M1 rifle, m1 carbine, AR-15 such as the Colt 6920 or an older SP1, Windham Weaponry, Bushmaster, etc.

$2550.00 or more worth of parts for the Springfield M1903A3. All USGI. Some New Old Stock, (NOS), still new in the wrapper. Only repro item is a M1903 sight hood. Some Smith Corona parts, as evidenced by markings, and lack of markings. No wood, receivers, barrels or triggerguards, but lots of the rest. Can help you finish out many M1903A3s. Found it as a horde of parts several years ago at a small show in the UP of Michigan. You just don't find large lots of original USGI parts for US martial firearms like this anymore. I am only wanting about a third of the retail cost of these, as some of the bands may require refinishing, and some of the screw heads, etc., are not pristine.None of the screw threads are buggered. Many of the screws and other bits are near NOS, though. I can provide more pictures.
I will sell for $1150.00 OBO. Will consider trade for M1 rifle, m1 carbine, AR-15 such as the Colt 6920 or an older SP1, Windham Weaponry, Bushmaster, etc.
Thank you.

(2) Band, Upper

(2) Screw, buttplate, large

(4) Handguard Clips

(2) Ring, Handguard

(5) Band, lower with Swivel

(7) Swivel, lower (loose, no band)

(7) Band and stacking Swivel


(22) Ejector Pin

(28) Screw, Buttplate Large

(34) Rear Guardscrew Bushing

(8) Spring, Band Retainer

(4) Sleeve, Striker


(1)Trigger Pin

(1) Sear

(83) Screw, Small, Buttplate

(44) Handguard clips

(4) Collar, extractor

(4) Screw, Cutoff

(6) Lock Assembly, Safety

(11) Screw, Trigger guard, Rear

(12) Screw, Trigger guard, Front

(13) Screw, Upper Band

(17) Screw, Lower Band

(23) Ejector, Bolt

(2) Pin, Sear

(2) Sight, Front

(1)Cover, Front Sight REPRODUCTION

(2) Base, Front sight

(2) Key, Front sight

(10) Butt Swivel (Plus some extras, as some are bent)

(8) Stacking Swivel and Band (Plus extra bands)

(18) Band, Lower w/ Swivel

(12) Ring, Handguard

(23) Upper Band (Plus 6 damaged for free)

(2) Sear, NOS

(6) Mainspring, NOS