Hi, I have a Beretta 84fs cheetah 380 I was looking to sell. Its in great shape! it was never carried so theres no holster wear. I do have a very nice leather holster for it bought from the beretta website, but like I said I never carried it, I didn't buy it for that reason. I bought the gun new about a year and a half ago. I fired exactly 200 rounds through it. I have 250 rounds of 380 ammo with it and a box of gold dot hallow points. It has 3 13-round magazines. 2 of the 3 magazines are still in the packaging never used. Mine came with 2-10 round mags. I didn't know at the time they also come with 13 round mags. Before I ever shot it I sold the 10 rounders and bought 3- 13 rounders and I only used one of the magazines. the holster is leather treated and still in the original packaging as well. $750 for everything or $650 for just the gun with two magazines, the way it comes new. I keep it stored soak and wet with oil inside and out to prevent rusting, and it sits in a humidity controlled safe with the rest of my firearms. very well taken care of.