Do you have a stripped lower sitting in your safe? Why? I know why, it is a pain to track down every single part, and tools to piece it together. No more searching through ad after ad, T2 Tactical Solutions has done it for you. This kit has every single part! Stop letting that lower waste away, stop selling them! Build it! I mean everything, every part! added bonus, MOE Magpul handgaurds! A blackhawk soft case, and 3 Tapco 30 round mags! You cannot get a deal like this anywhere else! All milspec, quality parts are used, from Windham, Blackdawn, Magpul, Aero, Blackhole. Upper is already timed, spaced and test fired. We can replace the standard stock, handguards, with magpul, tapco, troy industries parts! For additional, simply tell us what you would like, we can add sights, optics, scopes, all for a great price! We can provide specs to assist you in building your kit, as well as the tools necesssary. T2 Tactical is not an FFL, and does not supply the lower receiver. Other companies may offer a similar kit, but don't be fooled, the upper in our kit has been assembled spaced, and test fired. We can help you change that lower to a carbine,rifle or pistol. Choose from a basic M4 to a full tactical build.